The Fan Movement is an inspiring community of football fans from all over the world, who live and celebrate the great game we all love. Whether freestyler, artist, die-hard club fan or gamer, football and its many facets are the focal point of each person. The Fan Movement was officially launched at the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ and has been active ever since. But, as we know, football is played every single day, either by yourself or by your favorite teams. That’s why the Fan Movement exists, because stories unfold on and off the pitch every single second.

With currently more than 900 members from over 50 countries, football reaches many corners on this planet through the inspiration and commitment of the members; a young-hearted group of football lovers.


特级做人爱c级日本Football is nothing without fans. The beautiful game is so popular around the world because it brings people together, whether that’s in celebration or commiseration, all the emotions of life can be lived through the lens of football. But the beauty of it is that every match represents a fresh beginning of hope and excitement!

Members of the Fan Movement contribute to football conversations through their social media channels. Additionally, members feature in stories and content that is available from FIFA’s social media channels. Check out what .


By using #WeLiveFootball, you can and show the world your celebration and .


We are proud to have doubled the number of members from 2018 to 2019. The voluntary contributions and views on football that members share with us are important, entertaining, and most of all, valuable. The recruitment is currently paused. Should you be interested in adding your name to the waitlist, please visit .

Want to know more about the Fan Movement? You can reach us here: fanmovement@fifa.org.